Selling your home during the Holidays and Winter Season

Six Tips to Prepare your Home for Buyers

This time of year in Vermont can be a little cold and gray. Showing your home offers some serious challenges as far as lighting, exterior presentation, and interior charm. We recommend you take advantage of the color and warmth of holiday decor to help sell your home during the holidays.

Selling Her Home in Vermont

One local seller, Susan, struggled to make her porch and landscaping look appealing to potential buyers because it was an older home and without the greenery of summer.

Susan decided to use white lights and an evergreen garland from the local hardware store to brighten her front porch and change the way people felt when they came to see her house. She also used inexpensive, electric candles placed in Ball jars to add light throughout her living and dining rooms.

These simple changes transformed the space from dull to cheery and made people feel welcome when they visited her home. Susan mastered the art of decorating for sales and was able to sell her home.

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How can you do this for your home?

If you are selling your home during the holidays and winter season there are a few things to consider when prepping your home for potential buyers. Follow these tips to make your home attractive to buyers even when the weather outside is frightful!

Decorate with Restraint 

Like Susan, you can leverage the holiday season and put up some decorations! People will be charmed by a festive home. However, keeping it to greenery, lights, and otherwise neutral decorations is a good idea. This is not the year to experiment with the inflatable Santa and reindeer on the front lawn.

People tend to put decorations in the extra space in a home – if you do this it may appear cluttered and small. Maintain an open feel by keeping surfaces clean and putting decorations in other areas; like battery operated lights on windowsills or a garland around a doorway. This is a great time to play up a fireplace mantel if you have one!

White lights add charm and extra light so feel free to decorate inside as well as outside your home.

Maintain Curb Appeal 

With no greenery or flowers to grab the spotlight (remember Susan’s porch?), it is even more important that your home looks well maintained and attractive. Touch up any marks or bare spots with paint, make sure gutters and downspouts are clean and functioning, and spruce up the yard as best as you can.

Remove Snow and Ice

This is Vermont after all, so we can’t skip a section about snow and ice! It is especially important to thoroughly clear all walkways, driveways, and stairs. Not only will this make your home look well-maintained, it is a safety issue!

Good outdoor lighting is essential as well. Since the sun sets early during the winter, there is a good chance that you will have people viewing your house in the dark. Make sure outdoor lights are working and use the brightest bulbs you can.

Make a Warm Spot for Visitors

When you know you are going to have a showing, crank up the heat and switch on the lamps! If people are coming inside from the cold and dark, make your home a cozy and inviting place.

A warm home will encourage people to take off their coats and stay a while, allowing them to explore and see all of the features of your home. Enhance the cozy feel by playing some soft music in the background and lighting a candle or two.

Clear Coat Hooks and Boot Trays

Winter means people will be arriving in hats, coats, scarves, boots, etc. Make sure there is a clear place for them to hang their outerwear upon arrival. Whether you have a mudroom, entryway, or just a hook by the door, if you know you have potential buyers arriving, clear it out! Move your own items to a different closet (or under a bed if you must!) so that there is plenty of room. Tripping over boots and shoes when you enter a home does not make a good impression.

Take REALLY Good Photos

In the cold weather, homebuyers will most likely be beginning their searches online.

Make your home stand out online by having lots of flattering, high-quality photos of your home available. If you don’t have a good camera, borrow one from a friend, or find a local photographer to take the photos for you. The initial investment could pay off in the long run.

People will want to see it all so make sure to include pictures of all the rooms. If possible, have a summer or spring photo of your home available so buyers can see how it looks in the warmer weather.

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