Sell Your Home Fast With These Tips

Selling your home quickly not only means fewer days of keeping your home in “market condition” (you know, the perfectly clean condition so potential buyers see how wonderful your home is) and means you get to move on to the next chapter in your life! Everyone wants to sell quickly but add in a job change or another reason and the pressure is on. Really, the key is making sure your home shows well, is marketed well and is priced correctly. Here are some tried-and-true tips for selling your house quickly. 


Curb Appeal is Important

What potential buyers see first can mean the difference between getting an offer or not. Depending the season you’re in, there could be snow, mud, or leaves. You will want to clear any of that away from the front of the home and move anything like rakes or shovels out of sight. Decorating with simple, seasonal items like a plant or wreath is also a nice touch. If your front door is dirty or damaged clean it and replace or fix the damages. If you have outdoor lights make sure they aren’t broken or dull, if there are dead bugs be sure to clean them out too. Make sure any lawn is mowed and any garden beds are kept tidy. 

Interior Matters

Most people don’t mind a “lived in feeling” or seeing a few family photos on the walls. What they don’t want to see are dings in the walls, broken floor tiles, lights that don’t work, or a complete mess in the kitchen. A fresh coat of paint really can make a difference! The main points of entry or places your eye will roam are the key places to keep clean. For example, the main entryway should be neat and organized so they feel welcomed into your home, not starting to feel anxious before they’ve even seen the rest of the house. 


Don’t Skip Staging

Decluttering can go a long way, especially with larger items. Consider renting a storage unit and pack away some unnecessary “extras” that might be making your home feel cluttered. Once your home is a little roomier, don’t be afraid to move furniture around and put out some inexpensive staging pieces like pillows on the couch, a bowl of lemons on the kitchen counter, or even a throw rug in the hall. Want more do-it-yourself staging ideas? Read our post on “10 Tips For Staging Your Home on a Budget.” 

Price It Right

Pricing your home too high can lead to it being on the market for much longer and leaving you with a price much lower than expected. If you have an agent, they can help you find the right price. 


Fix The Small Stuff

Things like chipped or peeling paint, stained floors or carpets, dripping faucets, running toilets, broken lights, cracked windows, termite damage or leaks in a crawl space or foundation might mean money out of your pocket now but could mean more money in your pocket later. Being able to tell a potential buyer about all of the new items and fixes can have them thinking of all the things they won’t have to do once they purchase the home. 

Photo Smart

Dark, graining and minimal photos aren’t going to help sell your home. Make sure the pictures are well-lit. Most realtors take photos of your home but don’t be afraid to invest in good pictures and hire a local photographer. Doing something unique like a drone video or photo from above could give you the extra advantage. 

Investing in your home while you are looking to move elsewhere may seem counterproductive, but we assure you it could pay off big! When potential buyers see a home that is well cared for and clean, they are more likely to see themselves in that home. If you are looking to sell your home, consider working with our in-house realtors that have experience in helping your home go head-to-head with local listings. 


Contributing Author: Bailey Aines, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont part-time employee.