Meet our Team: Kandace Kenny, Broker

Kandace is the perfect fit for RealtyWorks with extensive experience in both the real estate and in the non-profit housing worlds.

At RealtyWorks she’ll be able to combine the knowledge from both to offer high quality service to our customers, whether as a listing agent or a buyer’s agent.

“I like being able to help people find the house that is going to make them happy.”

Kandace may be new to our team, but not to buying homes.

Along with a professional life devoted to helping people find homes, Kandace has extensive personal experience with buying homes in Rutland County – she’s only done it five times!

From fixer-ups to new construction, from city to countryside, and from expanding to downsizing, Kandace has been through it all.

The Fixer-Upper on High Street

Kandace purchased her first home with her husband in 2000. After moving back to Rutland and starting to look for a house, this one was not what Kandace and her husband had in mind.

“We looked at it the first time and we were like, Oh God no!” Kandace chuckles.

After shopping around in their price range though, Kandace found herself continuing to think about the High Street house and what it could be.

Together, her and her husband started re-envisioning the house and decided to buy it.

They ended up remodeling the bathrooms, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the exterior, and the roof as a team, calling in experts only as needed.

After tackling the home, they looked to the backyard – and realized they couldn’t do what they wanted: expand it.

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The House with a Backyard in Danby

So, the family – Kandace, her husband, and her two kids – packed up and moved to Danby.

The house was a bit smaller but it offered a large backyard oasis and required no sweat equity. While they lived in Danby, life was quieter, slower.

After a few years, the commute started to weigh on the family.

“The house was just too far from the kids’ schools,” says Kandace. They started looking at homes again – and this time settled on a piece of land.

From the Ground Up in Center Rutland

Kandace and her family decided to build their dream home this time, having find a perfect location that drastically reduced their commutes.

Kandace loved being able to design the home to fit their family.

The family loved their home, but as the kids grew up and applied to colleges out of town, Kandace and her husband decided to downsizing.

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Moving in to Her Childhood Home

As empty-nesters, they relocated to a smaller home.

The 1,200 sq. foot space where Kandace’s parents had lived suited the couple well but began to feel cramped when the kids came home to visit. They decided to consider another option.

The Farm in Chittenden

For the past three years, Kandace and her husband have called Chittenden home.

“It’s quiet, it’s a little farther from town, and its surrounded by a nice neighborhood,” says Kandace. Another big perk about the home? It has space for Kandace’s new four-legged hobby.

“We have two horses and two mini-donkeys: Murphy, Baylee, Cinnamon, and Pumpkin.”

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Professional Life

With all the remodeling, moving, building, and horse-back riding, you might not believe that Kandace also had time to start her own real estate business – but you’d be wrong.

While raising her two kids and managing their moves around Rutland County, Kandace started working with her mother at Century 21. At the time, her mother was the broker-in-charge there.

“She had done real estate forever so I had grown up with it,” says Kandace.

Two years after starting, the mother-daughter team decided to open their own office called Knox Real Estate, and together they enjoyed success for years.

After her mother passed away and the Great Recession hit, Kandace started working at the Rutland Housing Authority.

“I moved into the world of renting rather than owning but the Fair Housing and Equal Housing apply to both.” She enjoyed her time there and was able to sample a few different positions within the agency, including executive assistant, finance manager, and property manager.

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A Rutland Native who Returned Home

Kandace was born in Rutland, attended MSJ, and earned her degree in Business Management at Castleton University.

After graduation, she and her husband traveled, living in South Carolina and Alaska for several years.

“I liked South Carolina because it was warm and sunny… Alaska was cold and dark in the winter. When the kids were getting to the age where they were going to start school, we decided to move home to Vermont and settle down.”

“Vermont is great for a young family, there are so many activities to do! Fall is always fun, with the Halloween parade, apple picking, and pumpkin craving.”

Plus, she added, it’s nice being somewhere with good schools and low crime rates.

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