Meet our Team: Gene Felder, Managing Broker

We know choosing a realtor can be difficult. You’re searching for someone you can trust to guide you through the biggest purchase of your life who will put YOU and your needs first.

At RealtyWorks, we do just that. We put our client’s needs ahead of our own because we are driven by our non-profit mission, not commission.

Meet Gene.

We’d like to introduce you to Gene Felder, director of RealtyWorks, who has worked to create our reputation for empowerment, guidance, support, and quality.

Gene is our real estate guru who offers his expertise to homebuyers looking for their dream homes in Rutland County.


A City Boy who Escaped to the Green Mountains

Gene grew up in Bayside, Queens in New York City. His early work history involved beginning his own consumer electronic business “Mountain Music,” specializing in car audio, which he modeled after a similar business his cousin was running down in Florida.

Business was good up until the 90’s when CDs became popular, which marked Gene’s transition from consumer electronics into working in realty.

All Work, All Play

Gene began visiting Vermont as a “ski bum,” but once he was here, he never looked back—especially after meeting his wife, an 8th-generation Vermonter!

Gene first began realty work in Killington and Okemo, which was perfect considering his love of skiing. He was involved in the Jackson-Gore partnership (the Jackson Gore Village at the north end of Okemo) working with hotels and condos in 1998.

In 2006, Gene began his own realty business, First Tracks Realty, in Ludlow, which later merged with Sotheby’s. In 2014, Gene joined the team at NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, charged with starting up a real estate office in the HomeOwnership Center.

Hitting His Stride Helping First Time Homebuyers

Before staring RealtyWorks at NeighborWorks, he mainly worked with second homeowners, who typically were on the upper end of the income scale, looking to buy ski homes.

He says that these types of clients didn’t often seek out any advice or guidance from him as a realtor.

At RealtyWorks, Gene enjoys getting to work with people that are typically first time homebuyers, who are confused by the process and look to him for guidance.

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Gene considers himself to be the next step after homebuyer education, and finds this type of work to be very rewarding. Many of these homebuyers that he enjoys working with are single heads-of-households who are not used to putting much trust in other people.

Working with them, he can visibly see a change—the relaxation and gaining of trust. It’s often an emotional experience for them, so he knows that the work he does is a pretty big deal!

A Realtor’s Dream Home

Gene has always been interested in construction, and luckily got to work on what he considers to be his own dream home out in Shrewsbury, Vermont.

The home is passively solar and energy efficient—something that Gene says has “always been a thing of mine.”

He even got an energy audit and loans from NeighborWorks of Western Vermont’s HEAT Squad before ever coming to work here!

Life in Vermont

Gene loves the pace of life in Vermont, the lack of traffic, and being able to go to an event and know so many of the people there.

In his free time, Gene likes skiing (which is what first attracted him to Vermont), hiking, and doing some gardening.

His latest hobby is hand carving wooden bowls from the trees on his property.

One of his favorite things about living in Vermont is getting to take his grandchildren hiking and skiing, and simply showing them all that Vermont has to offer.

He hopes to make many more memories with them here, and maybe one day leave his dream home to his granddaughter.

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