Low-Cost Interior Home Improvements


Thinking of selling your house? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it ready for sale.

It makes sense to spend some time to make your home’s interior look great when you are prepping it for sale– but that doesn’t necessarily mean spending money.

Here’s our list of  low-cost interior home improvements that make a big impact:

Improvements that cost $0

Spring Cleaning

It’s not the most glamorous of upgrades, but it’s still very important.  Before you dive into transforming your home into something from Pinterest, give it a thorough cleaning.

Aside from your normal routine add a few more things to the list to really make it sparkle:

  • Wash windows (sorry)
  • Dust and clean light fixtures – remove any globes, shake out the dead bugs, and wash with soapy water.
  • Vacuum lamp shades
  • Wash and iron curtains, or, if they are not washable, hang them outside on a sunny breezy day to freshen them up.


After spring cleaning, your next step is to remove excess items from your home. By removing the clutter from your front steps, counters, tables, sink areas, bureaus, and windowsills, you allow the positive features of your home to shine through.

This is one of the most important ways to prepare your home because clutter can create a negative experience for visitors. Ideally, you want people to enter your home and quickly see how they might use the space themselves.  They will be asking themselves questions like: Where will my furniture fit? Where will I hang my favorite portrait, etc.?

RealtyWorks Ready-to-Sell Checklist

So, how do you de-clutter?

  • Clear off counter-tops, dressers, end- tables and coffee tables, place books neatly on bookshelves, move personal items into drawers or closets.
  • In the kitchen, move all counter top appliances, pots, and pans to cabinets or drawers.
  • Move all mail and other paperwork to a designated space such as desk or kitchen drawer.

Entryway Organization

Make sure your entryway is clear and organized. Be aware that the entry is the first interior area to be viewed, so remove anything extraneous in the space. Clear coat hooks of family coats so visitors can easily hang their own when they come in.   

If you have mittens, scarves, hats, and other various and sundry items lying around, move them to another part of your house or put them all together in a basket.

To accomplish this you may need to move some things to storage. Remember, it will only be for a short time and makes a very big difference to those viewing your house as potential buyers.

Improvements for $50 and under:

Floor Cleaninglow-cost interior home improvements

Regardless of the type of floor you have, spend a little time making it look nicer. You can purchase cleaners specifically designed for your floor type, which can achieve a more professional
appearance. . There are cleaners for wood floors, as well as for vinyl and linoleum. If you have carpets, rent a cleaner and focus on the high traffic areas of your home.

Cabinet Hardware

Updated kitchens are always desirable but not necessarily low-cost. However, just replacing your kitchen hardware can make a big impact.  New handles and drawer pulls with a modern finish, can make a big impact in the overall look of your kitchen, and can be purchased affordably at home improvement stores.


At $30-$40 per gallon, new paint provides a huge bang for your buck!

Give your home a good inspection, decide what looks the most outdated or over-used, and give it a fresh coat of paint. It could be a whole room or perhaps smaller touches that would make the biggest impact such as the stairway railing, an accent wall around a fireplace, a door, a small wall on a landing, or even just the baseboards.

Ask a friend or neighbor to come over and look at your home with fresh eyes – they might spot an area in need of an update that you overlooked.

Add some living green!

Houseplants can make a room feel vibrant and add depth. Pick up a few low-maintenance plants at the grocery store and place them on your newly de-cluttered surfaces. A floor plant can also wake up an awkward or underused corner. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can usually find artificial plants at Home Goods!

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