Low-Cost Exterior Home Improvements

Are you selling your home? Fixing up your home’s exterior is a great way to prep your home for sale!


Small improvements such as cleaning up the dead tree limbs on the lawn or placing a pot with brightly colored flowers on the porch can make a big impact, at a low cost.

Curb Appeal is Everything

Now is the time to make the front entrance of your home look loved and well cared for. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but signals to the buyer that you are a conscientious homeowner that makes home maintenance a priority.

Here are our top tips for low-cost exterior home improvements:

Improvements that cost $0:


Clean Up Late Winter Debris

Give the entire exterior of your home a thorough cleaning. Sweep up sand and salt, remove any shovels or brooms that are in sight, wipe down the front door and any furniture that was left outside over the winter.

  • Use a broom to remove cobwebs and dirt from outdoor lighting.
  • If possible, remove globes or other light covers and wash them thoroughly.
  • Replace any burnt-out or dim bulbs with a higher wattage to brighten up the area.
  • Don’t forget : Remove any holiday lights that are still hanging! They may have provided some extra cheer and warmth but in spring they will just look a little tired and sad.

De-clutter The Outside of Your House

Your front lawn or porch is likely the first thing that a potential buyer will see when they visit your house. Removing lawn clutter can quickly make your home more appealing.

What is lawn clutter? Old chairs, last season’s sporting equipment, old tires, old cars, broken pots, and dead plants are all excellent examples of clutter. If it isn’t a decoration, and you can take it with you when you move, then it is probably clutter and should be removed.

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Decorate by Shopping at Home

Once you removed the debris and the clutter, you can add back in a little character and charm. Often people feel they need to buy new, but it isn’t necessary. Many of us have charming and interesting items in our homes that, when placed thoughtfully, will give the exterior of your home a facelift.

Consider placing older items with character or color, such as a wooden ladder or chair, iron shelves, or ceramic pots, near the door. Simple accents can create a welcoming style.

Improvements for $50 and under


For a $15 quart of paint, you can really spruce up the entrance to your home. Start by stepping back and assessing the front of your house so that you can see what needs attention.

  1. Touch up any chipping paint or areas that have worn down. Giving a front or storm door a new coat of paint can make a huge impact.
  2. Look at railings and steps too, both of these areas get a lot of wear over the winter, and could probably use a touch-up.


AccessorizeLow-cost exterior home improvements

Accessorize your entryway and brighten it up with color. Add some new pillows for outdoor furniture and replace the doormat. Do you have a curtain on your door that is visible from the outside?
Get a new one or wash and iron the existing one.

Potted plants with annual flowers are a fast, inexpensive, and easy way to brighten a space.

Home-improvement and discount stores such as Lowe’s and Wal-Mart are full of inexpensive outdoor accessories. A few colorful touches will instantly add a welcoming feeling.

Yard Work

Rake out any flowerbeds or areas where late falling leaves may have landed and frozen back in November. Trim dead leaves or branches from perennials. Put down mulch where appropriate, even if things haven’t started to sprout yet, and clean up the edges of your beds.  Re-seed any bare looking patches of grass.

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