How Can a Non-Profit Real Estate Office Help You?

RealtyWorks is a full service real estate service of the non-profit NeighborWorks of Western Vermont.

Let that sink in.

It’s unusual and yet… it makes perfect sense?

A non-profit real estate office…

Located within an organization that offers homebuyer education, financial counseling, down payment assistance loans, low-interest 30 year mortgages, as well as home repair and weatherization services… 

With a mission to empower new homeowners to succeed.

Think about it: Our real estate office is designed to match homebuyers with dream homes that they can afford now and in the long term by empowering them with the knowledge and skills to succeed and by providing the support and expertise they need.


It’s unique, and it works. Here’s why:

RealtyWorks interior kitchen renovationRealtyWorks’ Unique Advantages:

One Stop Shop

RealtyWorks’ unique advantage is being housed in a nonprofit that offers comprehensive support and services to home buyers and homeowners.

Our realtors are surrounded by experts in lending, financial coaching, and construction and this better equips them to serve you.

  • Homebuyer Education & Financial Coaching

    Clients interested in becoming home owners begin with our Homebuyer Education course and then meet with our one on one with our financial coach to define what is “affordable” to them (tip: it’s not always what the bank qualifies you for) by analyzing their financial health.

    Empowered with knowledge about the process, clients work with our Realtors to find a dream home that they know they can afford currently and in the long term.

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  • Lending

    Our Realtors know about lending products and grants that other realtors may be unfamiliar with and can clue clients in on loans that they may be eligible for, such as down payment assistance loans, closing cost grants, and shared equity programs.

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  • Home Evaluations

    Our Realtors also work side by side in an office with expert home repair specialists and energy efficiency experts, so they understand and are able to explain what to look for in a house, what to consider, and what should raise red flags to you as a home buyer.

    “I started working with Gene and he showed me a house in Rutland and he was really helpful because I had been at an open house there a week ago and he pointed out a lot of things that were really helpful that I wouldn’t have noticed or thought to consider”
    – Jennifer Yakunovich, Rutland, VT

Trustworthy and reliable

Our RealtyWorks Realtors are held to the highest standards when it comes to your personal information and money.

Our Realtors, as well as our financial coaches and lenders, are able to safeguard your financial interests- we understand what a big investment buying a home is, and we want to help you make the best decisions in your interest.

RealtyWorks Ready-to-Sell Checklist


RealtyWorks prides itself on being customer focused- one of the many benefits of being a nonprofit is our ability to prioritize our clients.

Our Realtors work themselves into your schedule, because we know how busy you are. They also make themselves easily accessible- however you like to communicate, through text, email, snail mail or phone, we’ll respond!

“Gene was amazing, responding even at 11 at night, every time I had a question, he had an answer.”
–Homebuyer in Rutland, VT

In tune with local market

Rutland Vermont Real Estate by RealtyWorksRealtyWorks doesn’t try to do it all- we just do what we do extremely well. By focusing on Rutland County, we are able to stay up to date on the local market and answer any of your neighborhood specific questions.

Want to know about the local schools, the downtown scene, the newest solar panel array being installed? We have the local knowledge because we live here and are invested in our community.

Experience with First Time Home Buyers

We’ve been doing this for years and what keeps us going is our commitment to empowering home buyers. To us, there are no stupid questions- we are here to answer every question you have until you are satisfied and comfortable with the answer.

Whether this is your first home or your fifth, we can address all of your concerns.

No Hidden Agenda

As a nonprofit, our Realtors share our mission: sustainable homeownership. We always prioritize our clients’ needs- we have no other agenda. Our Realtors are not paid commission, allowing them to focus solely on what is affordable for our clients and what fits their needs.

Check out our listings or browse through all properties in Rutland County.

Interested in getting started on the homebuying process? Give us a call at 802-438-2131 or email our Real Estate Division Director at [email protected]