Feeling at Home: A Testimonial

Jennifer and Greg had a simple dream: to own their own home. But for them, things didn’t seem so simple. The process seemed complicated and they were unsure if it was a dream within reach.

“I was really scared at first. I rented for a long time and I didn’t think owning home was within my grasp.”

When the house the two were renting went up on the market, Jennifer and Greg realized they needed to start saving money for their own home.

“It seems silly to waste money on rent when you can have your own place, paint the walls, have your own dog if you want a dog. It’s important to be independent and self-sustaining.”

Learning the Basics in Homebuyer Ed

Achieving their goal of homeownership first began when Jennifer and Greg took Homebuyer Education at NeighborWorks of Western Vermont.

“That gave us a ton of info and opened us up to the people we would need access to in order to help this process along,” Jennifer says. “I learned a lot about credit that I wish I had known beforehand. I had to do some repair to my credit, but from that step on, and through every step of the process, NeighborWorks was there.”

One of the people Homebuyer Education gave Jennifer access to was Gene Felder, NeighborWorks’ in-house realtor, who she began working with on her search for the right home. Jennifer knew she wanted a home with a lot of land.

“Gene told us to drive by houses because you can change a house but you can’t change a location.”

Not All Roses and Kittens

And with that desire for a good amount of land, location proved to be very important. When Jennifer and Greg finally found their dream home, they ran into more obstacles. The cost seemed out of their reach and it was not within requirements for the mortgage loan they had been looking at, but it had the 18 acres of beautiful land that they had been looking for.

“It wasn’t all roses and kittens,” Jennifer explains. “On our first offer, the sellers rejected it. It was like a roller coaster ride.”

Gene went up to bat for the couple, and spent a weekend going back and forth with the sellers of the home. While Jennifer grew exceedingly disappointed by the seller’s rejections, Gene was able to keep her spirits up.

“He was the best cheerleader, so positive, and you knew what he was saying was genuine. This man was the real deal–not doing it for any benefit to him. It was comforting to know that we could trust him.”

Finding their Dream home

Thanks to Gene’s hard work, Jennifer and Greg were able to get the house that was just right for them.

“It’s just my place where I can take a breath and look at the sky–it’s the best feeling I’ve had in my life. I come home and I’m home. That’s the best thing you can sell—that feeling.”

And Jennifer is open about how positive her experience with NeighborWorks was. She even tells college students at CSJ how important their credit is, and how it can affect their ability to buy a home one day.

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“I recommend NeighborWorks to everyone I know. I wish more people would take advantage of the amazing services. It’s like a one stop shop. If we were doing it ourselves I don’t think we would’ve gone through with it.”

Now that they’re settled in their dream home with all of that land, Jennifer and Greg plan to get some chickens and grow a vegetable garden.

“We were able to get the house where we wanted. It’s not a palace but it’s our dream!”

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Testimonial collected and edited by Jillian Branchaud, AmeriCorps Member serving with NeighborWorks of Western Vermont.