*UPDATE: SOLD* 59 Baxter Street, Rutland

This home is now the happy property of one of our Homebuyer Education graduates- check out our latest renovation at 39 Pine Street!

Dreaming of owning your own home?

How does a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, open floor plan home with all new appliances, roof, foundation, wiring, plumbing, electrical, furnace, AND siding sound?

For $108,000*?

…Too good to be true?

Think again.

Sneak Peek: 59 Baxter Street, Rutland, VT

Home for sale at 59 Baxter Street Rutland VT

Street view of 59 Baxter Street

Purchase Price: $135,000 (When combined with a Homeland Grant, $108,000)

Bedrooms: 3

Baths: 1.5

Fully Renovated

At NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, we’ve been rehabbing homes for 30 years- we’ve seen it all and fixed it all. This property is fully renovated- all new everything– so that you don’t have to worry about unforeseen costs for at least ten years. Seen the movie “The Money Pit”? This is the opposite.



You spend a lot of time in your home- eating, sleeping, spending time with your friends and family. We’ve made sure that this property is free of any health concerns associated with homes- be it old carpeting, asbestos, carbon monoxide, or lead paint, because we want you to be healthy at home.



Your home should be somewhere you feel safe- and you should be safe. We’ve made sure the house is up to every safety standard; smoke detectors installed, updated wiring in place, handrails properly positioned.



This house is completely weatherized and efficient. It’s thoroughly insulated from the basement to the attic, includes all Energy Star appliances, is equipped with heat pump heating and cooling system, AND boasts a 5 kW solar array on its roof– which means a comfortable house for you regardless of the season, and extra cash saved with lower energy bills!



At $108,000* your monthly mortgage payments would be less than most similarly sized rental units in Rutland (heck, in most of the country!). Eligible homebuyers may receive a $27,000 Homeland Grant- to learn more, contact our Lending Department at (802) 797-8106.


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The Transformation

Picture this: when NeighborWorks acquired59 Baxter Street backyard view from yard. 59 Baxter Street, it was a 2 bedroom, 1-bathroom vacant property with a crumbling foundation, a non-functional floor plan, and leaky attic and basement.

What looked like a money pit to others was just another opportunity for NeighborWorks’ LaborWorks team to rise to the challenge.



They started by lifting it off the foundation and re-laying the concrete- yep, for two weeks the home sat in the backyard while the new foundation dried. Then it was moved back into place, stripped down to its studs, and the renovation began. Walls were ripped out, the floor plan redesigned, rooms were added, neglected additions torn off.

The front door was repositioned to be up to safety regulations, a new, winding staircase was hand-built, the stained glass window was refurbished. A walk-in pantry was created, beautiful light fixtures installed throughout the house.

The finished product bears almost no resemblance to the original structure except it maintains its beautiful old bones and neighborhood character.





A Connected, Residential Neighborhood

59 Baxter Street is in Northwest Rutland, a connected residential neighborhood within walking distance of all the conveniences of Downtown Rutland.

The newly rehabbed home is located across the street from a new office space, four doors down from a new park and playground, one block away from access to the East Creek Pedestrian and Bike Path, and close to the Northwest Rutland Community Gardens. Additionally, Pine Hill Park, Giorgetti Arena, and the Vermont Farmers Food Center and Winter Market are all nearby.


This property has all the perks of downtown living with quick access to the great outdoors and everything Vermonters love about our Green Mountain State. For more information about all that downtown Rutland has to offer, check out rutlanddowntown.com.


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*Price estimate based on a Homeland Grant which is available to eligible buyers. Applicants must meet grant guidelines and requirements.