5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Summer

Selling a home in the summer is not always a very popular choice; families are vacationing, kids are out of school, and there’s a lot of fun summer summer homeactivities to enjoy. However, because sellers are less likely to list in the summer, there are more buyers in the market making summer listing a potentially beneficial choice. There are a few things to make sure you do before showing your home in the hottest months of the year. Below are our five tips to help you sell your home this summer.


  1. Landscaping & Lawn Care

One of the most important aspects of your home is its curb appeal, which is only accentuated during the summer. You will want to make sure you keep up with landscaping and yard work—mow the lawn, trim the bushes and shrubs, and weed out the garden. Buyers want to see that your home still looks nice and tidy after a long winter, and caring for your lawn is one of the best ways to show that it is still in tip-top shape.


  1. Repair the Exterior

Hopefully during the spring, you took some time to do regular maintenance around your house—it’s always important to make sure there are no major repairs needed when showing your home any time of the year. In the summer, however, taking special care of your home’s exterior is another important way to increase curb appeal. Is the paint chipping? Consider giving your home a new coat of paint, or updating the siding to vinyl to prevent future deterioration. Or, for a cheerful pop of color, repaint your front door something bright and friendly. Clear out the gutters and reseal your driveway for extra effect, and your home will be looking pristine and new for the next buyer.

outdoor living space

  1. Create an “Outdoor Living Space”

Buyers like to imagine living in and enjoying your home, which include its outdoor spaces. Have a back deck or a patio? Be sure to set up some furniture outside. Even lawn chairs and a fire pit can add a nice outdoorsy touch to a backyard. Try to imagine what you would want in an “outdoor living space.” A place to sit and chat with friends, host a barbeque, or have a party? Whatever your dream is, share it with your prospective homebuyers.


  1. Spruce Up the Interior

You don’t need to repaint your entire living room to bring a little freshness to your abode. Try swapping out darker colored throw pillows and rugs with lighter, summer-centric colors. Open the blinds and tie back your curtains—it will make the rooms in your home look bigger, brighter, and feel less stuffy. Add a vase of flowers to the dining room table or along a windowsill for some in-season charm.

pitcher of lemon water

  1. Get Ready to Show

One thing you’ll want to be sure to do when showing your home in the summer is making sure to run the AC or any fans. You do not want buyers thinking of your home as too hot or too stuffy in the summer, which could be a red flag. Another way to show buyers a little appreciation for considering your home is to leave out a cool drink and some snacks during house tours—the friendliness can go a long way.


Selling your home in the summer can certainly require a bit more effort on your part, but if you keep up with the tips listed above, there will be an amazing payoff once your home sells. For more tips on homeownership, check out our NeighborWorks blog as well as our RealtyWorks blog. And if you’re looking to sell your home but do not have an agent to work with, contact Gene Felder of RealtyWorks at (802) 438-2131—the only mission-driven realtor in the area.


Author: Jillian Branchaud, Community Engagement AmeriCorps Member