5 DIY Home Improvement Projects For 2019

It’s a New Year and many of us are feeling the urge to spice up our homes and have a fresh look. If you are looking for a fun project to freshen up your house this weekend, we have some tried and true ideas just for you.These easy home improvement projects are affordable and fun and could have the needed impact on your home that you are searching for!

Accent Wall

Improvement projects don’t have to be big, something simple like adding an accent wall in a room can add a nice pop to a room. It is quicker than doing an entire room, adds color to a space and creates a focal point.  Accent walls are a great way to use a bold color that could easily overwhelm a whole room. Don’t just think of a single color either – you can create a design, use a stencil, or even use reclaimed wood, wallpaper, or brick on your wall.


Things that are old or vintage have always been in style, and now they are coming back even stronger. The nice benefit is that if you already own a piece that has been stored away in your attic, this helps save you some money as well as the environment. Re-purposing is a great way to make your home look interesting and give it a cozy vibe. Update an old or vintage piece with paint, or new hardware (think old dresser with new handles). You can even use a vintage piece for something it wasn’t intended for like turning an old wooden bed frame into a bench for your mudroom. Whether it’s a desk or a night stand, an old barrel or trunk, adding new life to an old piece can give your home some style.

Upgrade Hardware

A kitchen or bathroom may not need a complete overhaul, just some new fixtures to give it a face lift. Changing things out like your sink faucet or even your shower head can improve the aesthetics and increase the value of your home. And, if things haven’t been upgraded in a while, it could even save you money and water. This project can be done in a day and with all of the new styles and designs, could give your home some fun new features.



Designer Door

Every house has a door and every door is the way into a home. Make your home an inviting one by updating your front (or most used) door. If you want to keep expenses down, don’t feel like you have to change out the whole door. Consider a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. A new stain, hardware, coat of paint and even a fresh stencil design will have you smiling every time you come home.

Clean Walkway

Tired of pulling weeds from in between your walkways stones, bricks or pavers? Try polymeric sand. This is a sand mixed with a glue that is used to fill between the cracks. When it gets wet the sand will bind with the additives, which will hold it in place creating a barrier so the weeds cannot grow. Having a weed-free walkway to your front door gives your home a polished look and cuts down on maintenance. Polymeric sand can be found at most landscaping suppliers and home centers and your project can be done in a day.


Even if you aren’t considering a big change like moving house, these small projects can bring some new life into your home and add value to the property. Keeping your home up-to-date and helping you feel cozy is just part of what we do at NeighborWorks and we want you to be happy in your home, whether that means some small DIY projects or thinking about selling your home and moving to the next chapter in your life. We can help! To see more of what we have to offer go to www.realtyworksvt.com or by calling 802-438-2303 for more information.